About Plan Be Eco

We are an impact startup, and each of us has a sense of mission that our work will improve the quality of life for many people. Green living and care for the planet are firmly rooted in our DNA.

Our dream is a sustainable world where business and ecology go hand in hand, and one does not exclude the other. Plan Be Eco has the goal – to make as many businesses as possible climate-neutral. Although we don’t have the capes of superheroes, every day, with our work, we take one step to a net zero future.

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Brief history

I have been involved in the start-up industry for 14 years. The first start-up I created was Evenea.pl. I took care of it for 10 years before my exit. Since 2015, I have been involved in impact activities – accelerators and competitions, including Chivas Venture, where we sought socially engaged start-ups.

While building and scaling Evenea.pl, I was observing all these impact entrepreneurs and thinking about how fantastic it is to do something for the world that is more than a beautifully written line of code. I was enthralled that values can also translate into results in the table.

That was the first impulse. The second came during the vacations in 2019. At that time, for the first time, there was a water shortage in Poland, or more precisely, in Skierniewice town. It moved me a lot. So I’ve decided to do something about it, do socially responsible business, and do my best to reduce the climate threat. I am not a heroine in a superhero cape, but I am a person of action, and when I do something, it is to bring change.

It is how Plan Be Eco was born.

Aga Maciejowska

CEO & Founder of Plan Be Eco

Agnieszka Maciejowska


To protect the planet and its inhabitants, we must take action to combat climate change. One of the ways is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.


Taking care of our planet, we provide a compliant regulatory tool for companies that strive to be net zero.

Core values


And it’s not a platitude. We create a work environment where everyone feels comfortable and can express themselves. We never had to implement diversity and inclusion because they were in Plan Be Eco from the beginning.


If we’re already doing something, we’re doing it the best way we can; that is why we work with top ESG, IT, marketing, and business experts to help companies achieve the best possible results on the road to sustainability. We don’t stop at the local market. We ambitiously make our mark internationally. We are not afraid of challenges.


We believe that every company, regardless of resources, has the opportunity to become climate neutral. We feel responsible for our planet and ensure that future generations will not have to face the consequences of a climate catastrophe, and all they will experience is environmental sustainability.


The key to the success of Plan Be Eco is a well-fit team. We share experience and knowledge, and one of the more common phrases is, “How can I help you with this”? We support each other. We take care of each other’s work-life balance.


Our team acts with integrity and fairness. We value truthfulness and keeping our promises. We are transparent with both clients and each other. We focus on honest, respectful, and open communication.
Core values

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Rookie of the Year - My Company Polska & InCredibles by Sebastian Kulczyka​

Poland ClimAccelerator Program Participants (ongoing)

Finalists & Audience Award

Most Interesting Startup BSS Forum & Outsourcing Stars

Liderzy ESG

ESG Rising Stars

Huawei Startup Challenge

2nd place in the Huawei Startup Challenge

Startup Impact Program

Positive Impact Startup
by Kozmiski University

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