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Key features of the Plan Be Eco CO₂ emissions reporting tool

Quick & easy data collection and business carbon footprint calculation & reporting in 1,2,3 scope

With Plan Be Eco tool for calculating your company’s carbon footprint and the guidance of a dedicated expert, you can generate your own emissions report in compliance with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1. Verified metrics and compliance with European Commission requirements ensure your company meets its regulatory obligation

Product carbon footprint calculation

In Plan Be Eco tool you will calculate your product’s carbon footprint, LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), making it easier to attract contractors, increase sales and competitive advantage, and the chance to obtain green financing

A comprehensive approach to ESG reporting

Plan Be Eco will help with ESG reporting, compliant with ESRS standards, and considering double materiality, or double materiality analysis. You will be able to put your report data in one place according to CSRD requirements, which can be easily managed

ESG Academy & Education by Plan Be Eco experts

We offer workshops, trainings, and expert meetings for large organizations and SMEs. We have more than 20 years of experience in business and ESG reporting, in addition, we support companies in sustainability communication. 

The entire supply chain carbon footprint calculation and a dedicated pathway

Each company will receive a dedicated Scope 3 pathway tailored to their organization, and emissions will be allocated to each department and unit in the organization.

Access to benchmarking and reduction plans

The Plan Be Eco tool user receives access to a benchmarking analysis of companies in a given sector and to proposals for reduction opportunities (decarbonization plans) based on an analysis of emission sources

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Why your company needs tool for calculating and reporting carbon emissions

easy (1)

Competitive advantage

80%+ of investors consider ESG factors when making investments.

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Compliance with CSRD regulations

From January 2024, 50,000 companies in the EU will be subject to carbon footprint reporting in all 3 scopes.



Higher return of investment (ROI)

Companies reporting CO2 emissions have 67% higher return on investment 

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