Plan Be Eco as carbon footprint expert – report review

The Plan Be Eco team comprises people with several years of experience in calculating and reporting emissions and sustainability. The cross-section of industries that our experts have advised during this time is huge, so we are happy to share our knowledge and participate in projects that popularize ESG awareness.

Recently, contributions from our experts have appeared in several reports, which we invite you to read.

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Mobile banking in Poland 2022 - LeanCode & Kearney

According to Deloitte, the carbon footprint associated with smartphone use accounts for 11% of the global mobile industry’s total emissions. Providing environmentally friendly mobile applications reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps meet customer expectations. We were invited to demonstrate methods that can effectively reduce the carbon footprint of a mobile app. This required both knowledge of the banking industry’s emissions and the broader digital carbon footprint. Information from this publication will also be valuable to representatives of other industries.

The digital footprint of technology. Digital ecology in the lives of Poles - the:Protocol

The authors gathered the opinion and knowledge of IT recruiters about digital ecology. The survey showed that awareness of the digital carbon footprint is low, and environmental issues are too rarely considered. The IT industry, as technology developers, can improve their knowledge, on green topics in the industry, which will affect CO2 emissions. Experts from Plan Be Eco are responsible for the Digital Footprint section, which includes accurate carbon footprint calculations based on data provided by the study’s authors; analysis; and tips on how the IT industry can deal with the challenge of decarbonizing its products. In addition, we gave an expert commentary on the chapter Digital Natives. Parents on Children’s Digital Education.

Catalog of good practices - CSR in the hotel

The owners of Green Officer Hotelarz and Markowy Hotel have created a directory showcasing good CSR practices implemented in the hotel industry. In addition to a map of environmentally friendly hotels, there are also comments from experts who have had sustainability in their DNA for many years. Plan Be Eco is responsible for creating the chapter How to Count Your Carbon Footprint in the Hotel Industry – we advise from both an environmental and business perspective, and the tips will be translatable to other types of business as well.

When it comes to ESG activities, implementing sustainability into company policy, certain solutions are universal and adaptable regardless of the industry. Many years of experience of experts implemented in our tool as well as a cross-section of industries in our portfolio proves that we are able to cope with counting almost every company, including those in the SME sector.

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