Terms of use

Definitions The terms used in the Regulations shall mean:
  1. Regulations: these Regulations for the provision of electronic services.
  2. Website: the website available at https://planbe.eco
  3. User: a natural person who uses the Website on behalf of the Company ordering a product.
  4. Registered User: a User who has registered company Accounts on the Website
  5. Account: a part of the Website dedicated to a particular User. One User may have only one Account, unless the Website Administrator agrees to another.
  6. Website Administrator: Plan Be Eco Sp. z o.o., entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register [KRS] under the number KRS 0000877966 with its registered office at Aleja Jana Pawła II 43A / 37B, 01-001 Warsaw, Poland.
  7. Newsletter Agreement: an agreement concluded with a User who has agreed to receive commercial information from the Website Administrator within the meaning of the Act on the Provision of Electronic Services.
  8. Act on the Provision of Electronic Services – the Polish Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services.
  9. Consumer: a natural person using the Website for purposes not directly related to their business or professional activity.
  10. Civil Code: the Polish Civil Code Act of 23 April 1964.
  11. Consumer Rights Act: the Polish Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights.
General provisions
  1. These Regulations shall set out the rules for the use of the Website.
  2. The Website is operated by the Website Administrator.
  3. The primary purpose of operating the Website is to report on the carbon footprint produced by the Company providing data to the Website and to promote environmental and ecological content, in particular by providing recommendations to reduce the production of carbon footprint.
  4. These Regulations specify in particular:
  5. a) the basic functionalities of the Website, b) the minimum hardware requirements to use the Website, c) the risks associated with the use of the Website; d) the rules for registration and use of the Account; e) the complaint procedure; f) the principles of the data protection policy; g) the rules for amending the Regulations.
  6. The minimum hardware requirements to use the Website are as follows:
  7. a) terminal equipment with access to the Internet and a web browser; b) an active electronic mail (email) account; c) cookies enabled.
  8. The Users may access these Regulations at any time through the link posted on the main page of the Website, as well as download and print them.
  9. The Website Administrator shall endeavour to ensure that the Users are able to use all functionalities of the Website in an uninterrupted manner but reserves the possibility of temporarily suspending the functioning of some or all functionalities of the Website in order to carry out maintenance, updates or repairs.
  10. The Website Administrator shall endeavour to ensure that all functionalities of the Website work correctly. Nevertheless, the Website Administrator shall not be responsible for malfunctions in the functionalities of the Website. This provision shall not limit the rights under applicable laws.
  11. All graphic elements, technical solutions, and other elements of the Website, in particular the HTML and XHTML code, CSS sheets, JavaScript scripts, and multimedia links, as well as programs made available through the Website shall be subject to legal protection in terms of copyrights held by the Website Administrator or other entities.
  12. The User shall have no right to copy or record elements or the entire Website in any way and in any form, except for the elements the copying or recording of which has been expressly authorised by the Website Administrator.
  13. The User acknowledges that materials published within the Website are not necessarily error-free. The Website Administrator shall not be responsible for the consequences of the Users’ compliance with the content of the materials posted on the Website, nor for the reliability and completeness thereof. This provision shall not limit the rights of the Consumers under applicable laws.
  14. The Website Administrator reserves the right to introduce new functionalities to the Website, modify the existing functionalities or remove them. Such changes shall require an amendment to the Regulations, only to the extent that they change the rights or obligations of the Users or the Website Administrator.
  15. The specific risks associated with the use of electronic services provided through the Website shall be the possibility of unauthorised persons gaining access to and interfering with data transmitted over the network or stored on computers attached to the network, which may result, in particular, in their loss, unauthorised modification or inability to use the services offered using the Website. Unintentional installation of malware may also have such effects. The Website Administrator shall not recognise other specific risks associated with the use of electronic services.
Basic Rules of Using the Website
  1. The Users shall have the ability to create a Company Account on the Website by registering on the Website.
  2. Registration and creation of an Account on the Website may also take place on the basis of an agreement concluded by the Website Administrator with a third party (e.g. the User’s employer or an organisation to which the User belongs).
  3. The registration shall take place by completing and accepting the registration form made available on the pages of the Website, in which the User must provide the details marked as required.
  4. The registration shall be conditional on agreeing to the content of the Regulations and providing the details marked as mandatory.
  5. The Users whose Accounts have been established in the manner described in Clause 2 hereinabove may begin using the Website provided that they agree to the content of the Regulations.
  6. The Website Administrator may deprive a User of their right to use the Website through their Account, as well as may restrict their access to part or all of the Website’s resources with immediate effect in the case of violation of the Regulations by the User, and in particular if the User:
  7. a) provided details during registration on the Website that are untrue, inaccurate or outdated, misleading, or in violation of the rights of third parties; b) committed a violation of personal rights of third parties through the Website, in particular personal rights of other Users, c) has engaged in other behaviour that is inconsistent with applicable laws, good morals or rules of social conduct, or that harms the good name of the Website Administrator, its employees, associates or contractors.
  8. A person who has been deprived of the right to use the Website may not register again without the prior consent of the Website Administrator.
  9. When using the Website, the User shall be obliged in particular: a) not to provide or transmit content prohibited by law b) not to take actions such as sending or posting unsolicited commercial information on the Website, c) to use the Website in a manner that does not interfere with its operation, d) to use any content posted within the Website only for their own personal use, e) to use the Website in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and the provisions of the Regulations.
  10. By registering on the Website, as well as by using the Website in any other way, the User shall accept these Regulations, and in particular its provisions of a contractual nature that govern the relationship between the User and the Website Administrator, and undertakes to comply with the law when using the Website, in particular to respect the author’s economic rights and the rights arising from the registration of inventions, patents, trademarks, utility and industrial designs of other persons, as well as to respect the personal property of third parties and the Website Administrator, and to respect good morals.
  11. The agreement for the use of the Website with a Registered User shall be concluded by registering a User account.
  12. The agreement for the use of the Website shall be concluded with a Registered User for a specified period of time of the Website Account, and either party may terminate it at any time. The agreement shall be always terminated at the moment of de-registration of the Account by the User or deletion of the Account by the Website Administrator. Termination of the Agreement for the use of the Website shall not affect the Sales Agreements concluded by the User.
  13. Registered Users shall also be notified of changes to the Regulations by email and shall have 14 days from the date of notification to terminate the agreement for use of the Website by cancelling the Account or terminating within the period indicated in the Regulations if they do not agree to the changes.
  1. All complaints regarding the operation of the Website must be reported to: [email protected]. In the complaint notification form, the reason for the complaint must be stated.
  2. The Website Administrator shall consider complaints within 30 calendar days.

Personal data

  1. Detailed information on the protection of personal data of the Website Users is contained in the Privacy Policy. By accepting these Regulations, the User shall also accept the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy shall be attached as Annex 2 to these Regulations.
  2. The notice regarding the protection of the Users’ personal data shall be attached as Annex 3 to these Regulations. By accepting these Regulations, the User shall acknowledge having received and read the Notice regarding the processing of their personal data.


Final provision

  1. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of Polish law shall apply.
  2. These Regulations shall effective as of 1 October 2022
  3. The Website Administrator may make changes to the Regulations for important reasons. The changes may be dictated by changes in the technological, legal, economic or organisational aspects of conducting the Website Administrator’s business, as well as changes in the structure or content of the Website or the Website Administrator’s offer. Any changes to the Regulations shall be communicated to the Users on the Website and take effect from the moment of notifying the Users of the changes, by publishing the new content of the Regulations on the Website, with notification of the content of the changes.
  4. A change to the Regulations shall not affect the terms of performance of Sales Agreements concluded prior to the effective date of the change.


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