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1. About the client - Fixit SA company

Fixit SA is a renowned provider of repair services for electronic devices. The company focuses on sustainable repair practices and product lifecycle extension.

2. Problem to be solved

The client approached Plan Be Eco with the challenge of calculating their company’s total carbon footprint and assessing the emissions associated with repairing electronic devices such as computer accessories (15-20 products). The company wanted to accurately measure its impact on the environment as it plans to reduce the amount of e-waste and thus the impact of harmful substances on people and ecosystems.

3. Why did they choose Plan Be Eco?

Plan Be Eco was chosen for its expertise in sustainability and its ability to provide comprehensive carbon footprint analysis. Experience in developing reduction plans was crucial for Fixit S.A., which wanted to minimize its environmental impact. Plan Be Eco was the only company to offer such an innovative Scope Three and the ability to calculate the carbon footprint using different methods by the GHG Protocol.

4. Scope of works

Fixit needed assistance with: 

  • Scope 1,2,3 carbon footprint calculation
  • Preparing a GHG protocol-compliant report,
  • Decarbonization strategy preparation,
  • Calculate the carbon footprint reduction of 15-20 products thanks to the refurbishment service provided by the client.

5. Cooperation results overview

Thanks to the analysis carried out by Plan Be Eco, Fixit S.A. has obtained a complete picture of the emissions associated with the repair of electronic equipment. The calculations made it possible to accurately determine the emissions avoided by repairing equipment compared to new production. This allowed the company to identify areas with the greatest potential for reducing its carbon footprint.

The overall report for 2022 considered all 3 scopes:
Scope 1 – direct emissions from mobile sources, stationary sources, and fugitive emissions
Scope 2 – indirect emissions from purchased electricity and heat
Scope 3 – indirect emissions from the supply chain
The total carbon footprint of Fixit S.A. for the accounting period 01.01.2022 – 31.01.2022 is 495 Mg CO2e.

Plan Be Eco also prepared a report on the reduction of emissions resulting from Fixit S.A.’s repair of electronic products. Using the Logitech computer mouse as an example, it was calculated that each repair of 1 mouse could save almost one kilogram of CO2e.

Customer feedback

Green plants

Working with Plan Be Eco was an important step in our commitment to sustainability. Their expertise enabled us to understand the environmental impact of our operations. Through carbon footprint analysis and personalized reduction plans, we are now able to effectively minimize our impact on the planet. This is not only good for the environment, but also good for our business!

Mariusz Ryło

mariusz rylo fixit plan be eco

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