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1. About the client - Entire M

Entire M is a textile company with a 40-year history (formerly known as Helikon-Tex) and has been the home of the Helikon-Tex and Dircet Action brands for several years. It currently employs approximately 350 people. Entire M’s goal is to grow and go green, so they asked Plan Be Eco directly to help them count their emissions, not only to get a result but also to learn about ESG. The choice of PBE was determined by the clarity of the answer, the open contact human factor combined with technology, and the patience for the questions of the potential client.

2. Problem to be solved

Entire M is aware that carbon footprint is the new indicator by which every organization will be held accountable. The company will be subject to sustainability reporting starting in 2025 and is already making efforts to meet this future responsibility. Greenness, also expressed through this indicator, is its strategic goal. Believing in the principle that what is not quantifiable and expressed in numbers is difficult to manage, they already want to implement green projects, and calculating the footprint is the first step for Entire M to determine the level from which they start.

The company was concerned that not calculating its emissions could have immediate and far-reaching consequences – being unprepared for future regulations, being late to the industry, and missing out on a competitive advantage.

3. Why they chose Plan Be Eco

For its second sustainability report, the client was looking for a partner who could provide specific support in the area of carbon footprinting and, above all, who had experience in working with the textile industry.

4. Scope of works

Entire M needed support in: 

  • Calculating the company’s carbon footprint in terms of 1,2,3 (with two brands)
  • Preparing a report according to the GHG Protocol,
  • Decarbonization strategy preparation,
  • Calculate the carbon footprint reduction,
  • Advising on data collection.

5. Cooperation results overview

Thanks to the analysis carried out by Plan Be Eco, Fixit S.A. obtained a complete picture of the emissions related to its activities. The process took approximately three weeks.
The total carbon footprint of the company was: 27,797 t CO₂e.

Using the Plan Be Eco tool saved Entire M an enormous amount of time searching for relevant indicators. Even though this was the first time the process had taken place, those responsible on the PBE side felt well looked after.
Knowing the amount of emissions will allow the company to continually build a competitive advantage by starting footprint reduction projects today. The company has already familiarized itself with the reduction recommendations and has identified areas that will require investment, and areas, which can be improved relatively quickly.

Customer feedback

Green plants

Working with Plan Be Eco is all the more valuable because I wanted to expand my knowledge of carbon footprinting and the process of effective data collection within our organization. I hope that this will become a routine for us and that the data will allow us to make more informed decisions, such as purchasing decisions.

Of particular importance to me was the patience with questions and genuine commitment of Ms. Joanna Maraszek and Ms. Anna Malicka.

For our second sustainability report, I was looking for a partner to help us with the carbon footprint. We are a manufacturer in the textile industry with a long value chain. Plan Be Eco had experience in working with the textile industry and that was a signal to me that they were the right partner.
We didn’t have a built-in data collection process. By working together and modeling the application specifically for our needs and conditions, we were able to count the footprint in this difficult area and plan the data collection process for the next few years.

I already know that next year the process of calculating the carbon footprint will be even less burdensome.

Małgorzata Nowosielska 

ESG Project Manager

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